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Businessman Ki Pathshala by Jagdish Joshi

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

First event in Knowledge series from BAMA was held up at Sheraton Hotel in Bengaluru on 13th July 2019. Noted Business Consultant, Mentor and Motivator Mr Jagdish Joshi who has many accolades to his name in field of Marketing and Consultancy. Close to 200 participants made to the event and made it a decent success with most of them appreciating the effort by BAMA team. These kinds of sessions improves awareness and also motivates people to do better. Participants were mostly Business owner/Promoters/Entrepreneurs mostly decision makers. The event started with Committe member Mr Hitesh Singhvee explaining the reason behind Knowledge series and about Jagdish Joshi. BAMA President Mr Praveen Mutha and Vice President Mr Raj Singhvee felicitated Mr Jagdish Joshi with a Momento. Two hours high intensity session covered

1) Current Business scenarios and challenges of Garment Industry

2) Continuos Learning

3) Being on the Move always, staying close to what is happening in business at same time give up control

4) Developing metrics and data based systems

5) Changing Narrow mindset and be a Champion

The event was close on positive note with BAMA Secretary Mr Pankaj Oswal Thanking participants, Event Committee headed by Mr Manish Jain, Event partners,Title Event Sponsors Enrich, Affiliate sponsors Hard Currency, Rick Rogue, Cool Colors, Mezzo Ventures, Citrus, Vogue Raw, SO Design, Sulphur, MM Fabric, IDC, Leemax

BAMA team felicitating Mr Jagdish Joshi

BAMA team with Mr Jagdish Joshi

Knowledge Link: Mr Jagdish Joshi shared "I am a Champion" Video which is quite inspiring. have a look

Participants with Mr Jagdish Joshi

sponsors of event

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